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Quantum Link Logistics was founded to satisfy the great demand in the transportation and shipping industry for an easy to use, reliable freight forwarder with high customer service and discounted costs for small to medium-sized companies. Quantum has over 20 years of experience in logistics, shipping, distribution and freight forwarding. We assist small to large-sized businesses in the Lower Mainland and throughout North America to obtain discounted freight rates by performing all the duties involved with finding a trusted carrier.

Whether you’re looking to reach local or North American markets, increase service time and efficiencies, or simply reduce costs, we can help. We work with you on any size shipment from a single skid to multiple full loads.

Quantum Link Benefits

Most trucking companies aren’t always able to be at the right place at the right time, and many are becoming more selective as to which areas or lanes they send their trucks. These increasing restrictions result in limited service to the client. Quantum Link Logistics successfully fills that gap. In fact, we can outsource equipment when it seems like there is none.

Our goal is client satisfaction. We offer exceptional service, minimized customer costs, and service flexibility for all your transportation needs, whether it be for one pallet or several daily full load shipments across North America.

“We can outsource equipment when it seems like there is none.”
Management – Quantum Link Logistics